On Air
Chris and Steve in the afternoon Where The Action Is


Talk directly to thousands of potential customers
with a Cowes Live advertising campaign.

Be heard on radio, on TV and online.

  • Cowes Live is unique. Our audience listen for longer than any other radio station in the country. Most commercial radio stations get people listening for an hour. Our listeners stay tuned for 8 hours, every day.
  • 86% reach in Cowes and across The Solent
  • 117 countries worldwide
  • 250,000 + Facebook Live connections daily
  • Drive people towards your shop or stand
  • We offer Discounts for local Cowes Business
  • Direct access to hundreds of thousands of loyal customers in Cowes, on the water right now and worldwide.
  • Radio is a brand multiplier, it enhances your online marketing, driving customers to your website and social media.
  • Radio gives back on average 8 times what you spend. For example; every £1 you invest, you get £8 back.
  • Live Reads, Radio commercials, Production and online presence all included.
  • Sponsorship opportunities.
  • Branding opportunities.
  • Radio is the only true mobile medium. In the car, at work, and at play, radio is there…the companion and the advertising force your customers take with them wherever they go.
  • Newspaper rates are up (even though circulation is down). TV ad rates are up (even though viewership is down).Radio advertising costs grew less than any other major form of advertising.
  • With radio, you’re always on the front page. Front and centre in the immediate view of your customer.

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How many people listen to Cowes Live Radio and why?
  • Every single competitor in every single craft listens to Cowes Live. Why? Because they get the information they need straight away, just when they need it.
  • Radio waves are faster than sound and EVERYONE wants to win… By listening to the radio, competitors hear the gun at exactly the same time wherever they are on the line so everyone starts at the same time.
  • Almost  1000 boats and over 8000 Yachtsmen and Competitors in up to 40 races every day tune in for 8 hours or more.
  • Competitors listen when the are not competing to hear how friends and fellow yachtsmen are doing
  • Thousands of Listeners engage with the station in the evening for results, updates and information about the coming days, Cowes Live is the soundtrack to their week.
  • Online listening (excluding viewers of our TV service) tops 5000 hours every week
  • Over 24000 “watch again” connections to the video stream which provides pictures to the radio & audio commentary
  • 10,000 residents of Cowes tune-in
  • 100,000 visitors to the event listen on portable radios, in their cars and our PA systems on “The Green” along “The Parade” at the “Yacht Haven” and at “Shepherds Marina”
  • Shops, cafe’s, pubs and retails all along Cowes High street tune in so no-one misses a single moment of the week.
  • Listeners can tune in along Lee-On-Solent and Calshot, these are the best main-land vantage points.


Why do people listen to the radio?

Radio, unlike online listening is FREE, and reliable. You don’t need a data connection. It is accessible and its uncomplicated. Most boats and Yachts have an FM radio, most cars, homes and caravans too. if not, a simple £5 battery powered radio gives you access to our commentary wherever you are in the Solent.

When a Yachtsman is sailing, they don’t have time to mess around with phones (that suffer from poor reception and slow data) but a radio can be switched on and will run all day everyday – giving them the latest weather, information on starts and… (here’s the great bit) messages from our advertisers and supporters.