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8 August 2019 Weather


Issued at 0700 Thursday 8thAugust 2019

Low pressure will dominate the weather for Cowes Week 2019. A low currently far to the south west will track north east today, warm front arriving overnight tonight with south easterly winds ahead veering south westerly behind the heavy rain. Blustery south west wind throughout Friday will increase throughout the day and significantly overnight, reaching average wind speeds of 30 – 40 knots possibly more for a time.

Weather Saturday 10thAugust 2019

Heavy rain expected during the early hours of Saturday morning. Despite the wind, once early rain and then sharp, squally showers have cleared the afternoon will be bright & sunny. Temperatures reaching only 19 to 20°C behind the cold front but feeling warm in direct sunshine when sheltered from the wind.

Wind Saturday 10thAugust 2019

The worst of the wind is expected overnight Friday and during Saturday morning. No significant decrease expected until Saturday evening, after 1800 and it will be a particularly gusty day all day with squalls. Each model run is beginning to lower average wind speeds late afternoon (from 28/30+ to 25/26 so still very windy) but it’s the gusty nature of the wind which sees maximum speeds forecast to range from 30 – 40 knots until at least 1800 if not later.

1000-1200 30 gusting 35 – 40+ knots SW – rain clearing to showers
1200-1400 28 – 30 gusting 35 – 40+ knots SW – squalls
1400-1600 28 – 30 gusting 35+ knots SW – sunshine & squalls
1600-1800 26 – 30 gusting 35+ knots SW – sunshine


As Saturday’s low moves north east into the North Sea the Solent will be left in a moderate south westerly flow until the next low and associated fronts tracks past again mid week when wind speeds will once again increase. Wind speeds on Wednesday are not currently forecast to be as high as the coming weekend.

Sunday 15 – 20 knots gusting 25, SW Scattered showers, bright
Monday 8 – 16 knots WNW – WSW Scattered showers, bright
Tuesday 10 – 18 knots WSW – SW Few showers, bright & sunny
Wednesday Increasing 15 – 25 knots SW Next low & fronts bringing rain


Forecast updated on the Cowes Week app & at 00:15 past the hour on Cowes Radio 87.7fm.

Issued by Cowes Week Meteorologist Fiona Campbell at 07:00 08/08/2019