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Tuesday: wet morning, sunny afternoon

13 August 2019 Weather


Issued at 0700 Tuesday 13thAugust 2019

Low pressure to the far north of the UK and to the far south west of the UK leaves southern England under a light westerly flow & the south west currently under a band of rain heading our way. An increasing trend expected behind the rain as the south westerly gradient increases ahead of the next Atlantic low. The next low is due tomorrow and will send rain in the morning and a fresh south westerly wind. South westerly winds forecast to be blustery for the rest of the week.

Tuesday 13thAugust 2019

The overall trend is an increasing one during Tuesday: slow at first as pressure gradient changes are gradual and a band of rain to the west will dampen the wind speeds. More obvious and definite in the afternoon due to both the increase in gradient and some thermal enhancement once winds have backed towards the south west. A more prolonged band of rain is now expected this morning: Devon & Cornwall are worst affected at 0700 and it is creeping east through Dorset and heading for Hampshire, the heaviest rain due mid morning around 1000.

Once skies and have cleared and wind speeds have increased this afternoon, average wind speeds are unlikely to decrease.

1000-1200 8 – 12/14 knots W (270 – 260) Variable around rain
1200-1400 10 – 15 knots W – WSW (270 – 250)
1400-1600 10 – 15 knots max 14 – 18 W – SW (270 – 245)
1600-1800 14 – 20 knots WSW – SW (260 – 245)


Blustery conditions for the latter half of Cowes Week expected as low pressure continues to dominate. The next low will send a front across the country on Wednesday morning with an increasing south westerly gradient which will veer north westerly for a time on Thursday morning before settling back into the west to south west. Heavy rain on Wednesday morning clearing to sunshine & showers.

Wednesday S – SSW 12 – 20 knots A wet day!
Thursday W – WSW 12 – 20 knots Sunshine & scattered showers
Friday SW 20 – 30+ knots Next band of frontal systems, rain & wind
Saturday SW 12 – 20 knots Sunshine & scattered showers


Forecast updated on the Cowes Week app & at 00:15 past the hour on Cowes Live online & 87.9fm.

Issued by Cowes Week Meteorologist Fiona Campbell at 07:00 13/08/2019