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Wet Wednesday

14 August 2019 Weather


Issued at 0700 Wednesday 14thAugust 2019

A warm front will move eastwards across the UK during the morning followed by more active fronts this afternoon as low pressure centred over Ireland moves north east across the country.

Behind the low on tomorrow the gradient will veer west to north west in the morning before backing south westerly in the afternoon ahead of the next very active low & frontal systems on Friday which will once again bring heavy rain and strong winds. The blustery south westerly will continue on Saturday, decreasing substantially although low pressure remaining in control well into next week.

Wednesday 14thAugust 2019

A very wet and at times very windy day forecast: the warm front is over the Solent at 0700 with a southerly wind eventually veering SSW / SW behind the cold front by evening but in between there will be many bands of rain and variable wind speeds. It will rain on and off all day under a dark and cloudy sky, the rain easing to drizzle by evening and wind speeds slowly decreasing overnight.

Southerly wind ahead of the front (perhaps SSE in the eastern Solent) is expected to range from an average of 16 – 22 knots with gusts in excess of 28/30 knots possible. Wind speeds will vary up and down all day around each band of rain which sweeps in from the west. Some of the heaviest rain bands and blankets of cloud may suppress wind speeds and the Island will provide reasonable shelter, conversely if there are gaps in between each front which allow the stronger upper gradient to mix down to the surface then speeds could reach 26 – 30+ knots. The upper limit of those wind speeds are possible between 1000 & 1600. Race time coincides with the fronts moving across the Solent.

1000-1200 16 – 20 gusts 24 – 26 knots S (160 – 200)
1200-1400 16 – 20 gusts 24 – 26 knots SSW (170 – 220)
1400-1600 18 – 24 gusts 26 – 32 knots SSW (180 – 225)
1600-1800 16 – 22 gusts 24 – 28 knots SW (200 – 235)


Thursday and Saturday will be similar with a blustery west to south westerly flow, a few scattered showers with long sunny spells and wind speeds averaging 14 – 18 knots gusting 20 – 25 knots at times. A wet and windy day forecast on Friday. Wind speeds could reach 26 – 32 knots around the front on Friday afternoon.

Thursday W – WSW 14 – 18 knot gusting 20 – 25 knots Sunshine & scattered showers
Friday SW 20 – 30+ knots Wet and windy
Saturday SW 12 – 18 knot gusting 22-24 knots Sunshine & scattered showers


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Issued by Cowes Week Meteorologist Fiona Campbell at 07:00 14/08/2019