Sail the world: future-proof bluewater options

8 December 2021

With careful planning there are still some great bluewater cruising options. Janneke Kuysters and Wietze van der Laan investigate future-proof itineraries to sail the world In stressful times it’s tempting to cast off the bowlines and head for the horizon to sail the world. But the reality is that cruising in a post-pandemic world is […]

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Nordic legends: cruising the breathtaking Faroe Islands

24 November 2021

The bleakly remote Faroe Islands were the stuff of sailing fairy tales for Kila Zamana and they did not disappoint on her cruise around the misty isles “Stop filling the boat with cheese!” I exclaimed to Paul, as he stowed a massive food shop in Ponta Delgada ahead of what would be a nearly 2,000-mile […]

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Jimmy Cornell: A life at sea

23 November 2021

Helen Fretter talks to the doyen of bluewater cruising, Jimmy Cornell, to find out why, after 46 years of sailing, he’s no longer going to sea “In my entire life I have never given up on any of my projects, but… reluctantly I decided to abandon my plans.” So wrote Jimmy Cornell in his most […]

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Into the Southern Ocean – navigating by sextant in the south

22 November 2021

Tom Cunliffe introduces an extract from Andrew Halcrow’s book, Into the Southern Ocean, his account of a singlehanded Southern Ocean crossing using only a sextant for navigation Rudyard Kipling famously wrote that the complete person can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same. Most books of the sea end […]

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Atlantic crossing: When’s the best time to go?

11 November 2021

When it comes to an Atlantic crossing there are clearly defined weather windows. But how flexible can you be and what challenges are you like to face? Weather Guru Chris Tibbs reports. An Atlantic crossing or Atlantic circuit has often been seen as a year-long adventure, crossing the ocean in late November or December to […]

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Cruising Mexico with a newborn: one couple’s story

28 October 2021

Jessica Zevalkink and Luke Yeates set free in the Sea of Cortez as they discover the wonders of cruising Mexico with their newly restored yacht and new baby The earth inhales. A treeless desert fevers under a rising sun, breathing the cool air that rests at sea. In the evening the earth exhales, its warm […]

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Onboard communication: Pip Hare’s guide

18 October 2021

Professional sailor, Pip Hare takes us through the key issues and dos and don’ts of proper onboard communication Communication by headset is commonplace – and often essential – on large racing yachts. Photo: Yann Riou/Volvo Ocean Race Earlier this year I was lucky enough to join the French crew of the IMOCA 60 Bureau Vallée […]

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How this couple escaped the city to work from their yacht

13 October 2021

How to sail away without quitting your life: advice from a couple who’ve done it. Patrick and Sheila Dixon explain how to make ‘hybrid cruising’ work Seven years ago, as a pair of empty-nesters living in London, Sheila and I embarked on an impulsive sailing adventure. I was working at a frenetic pace, flying all […]

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Eco-friendly anchoring: how to preserve the seabed

11 October 2021

Joshua Shankle on looks at some of the dos and don’ts of eco-friendly anchoring, ensuring you have a minimal impact on the seabed and its ecosystems When my toes get cold, I know the wind has piped up. The dorade over the foot of our bed only seems to move air when it’s blowing over […]

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Trapped upside down in the North Sea

8 October 2021

Upside down in a small catamaran in A North Sea Storm, John Passmore distracted himself by focussing on the story. Tom Cunliffe introduces this extract from Old Man Sailing John Passmore is a man unafraid to move with the times. A professional journalist with a distinguished newspaper career, he now hosts a powerful online presence […]

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